Managers: What is your role?

You are the link between the coach and the parents! They will come to you with questions, so do not be afraid to ask your coach, or the Club Administrator if you do not know the answer.

All uniforms are ordered upon registration. If a player is in need of a uniform piece after the initial registration period (during the season), please direct them to contact the Club Administrator.

After receiving the Contact List from the Club Administrator, upload or enter their contact information into TeamSnap, and send a message to the families introducing the team staff. Inform them of your practice day, time, and location after consulting with the coach/es. Enter game schedules onto TeamSnap and make sure families know where the fields are. Please see any of the Magic Soccer Club webpages (bottom right corner) for maps to your Magic Home fields.

Collect referee (coach fees if paid coach) and any tournament fees. Pay only Home game referees.

Encourage players to arrive at games 15-20 prior to the start of the game. This helps the coach/es know who will be there.

Facilitate Home game reschedules as needed and update on TeamSnap.

Organize any snack schedules or team parties/get togethers if desired by the team.

When in doubt, contact the Club Administrator!

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