Coaches: What is your role?

Your role is very important! You are the enthusiastic teacher, patient counselor, and everlasting cheerleader. You are a ROLE MODEL! If the calls are not going your way, do not show disrespect to the referee. Calmly talk to him/her in a respectful manner. 

Come to practice with plans ready to implement. Have a Plan B in case Plan A isn't working. Tell your players a few things you are going to work on (dribbling, kicking from out-of-bounds, etc.). Give water breaks. Keep players active with their ball; standing in line won't give them experience. 

Have an idea which players will begin on the field during games, and rotate who plays together. 

Don't count the score! Give praise to each player for their contributions. Kids love to hear what they did well!! 

Ask that your players come 15-20 minutes early prior to games starting so you can see who is in attendance. 

Managers: What is your role?

You are the link between the coach and the parents! They will come to you with questions, so do not be afraid to ask your coach, Director of Coaching Tim Meinholz, or the Club Administrator if you do not know the answer.

All uniforms are ordered upon registration for Third and Fourth Grade players. If a player is in need of a uniform piece after the initial registration period (during the season), please direct them to order online through League One "Uniform Order--Post Registration Spring 2016." When the uniform order is ready, they will receive an email and need to pick up their uniform from Stefan's Soccer store. 

Please contact the families on your roster. Inform them of your practice day, time, and location after consulting with the coach/es. Distribute game schedules and make sure families know where the fields are. Please see the bottom right corner of this page for maps to your Magic home fields.

Encourage players to arrive at games 15-20 prior to the start of the game. This helps the coach/es know who will be there. 

**Please ask parents not to sit on the bench side of the field. This area should be kept for players and parents helping to sub on the sidelines ONLY. Too many extra people in that area creates chaos and is a large distraction. Help to organize someone to assist keep the kids focused on the sidelines. This person can help get the kids on and off during substitutions or keep time for rotation purposes. 

You are a ROLE MODEL for parents along the sidelines. Show respect and ask for respect from fellow team parents for these young men and women who are may be working their first job!

Organize any snack schedules or team parties/get togethers if desired by the team.

**Rule change for Spring 2016 and forward: There is no heading of the ball allowed! No slide tackling either. Please do not allow players to guard the goal--there are no goalkeepers allowed in these age groups.


**Rude and disrespectful behavior toward a referee will not be tolerated! We are notified by the Referee Assignor if a referee reports any bad behavior toward him/her. Please remember that most of your refs may be working their first job. Encourage and thank them! We need to retain good refs!


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