During the Season


After Tryouts are finished and you've taken care of registering and ordering a uniform, practices begin in mid-August. Practices are twice per week during both the Fall and Spring. Day of the week and time will be communicated by your coach or team manager; your child is expected to attend and show up on time to practices. If he/she is unable to attend, please let your coach know.


Your team manager will reach out to you during the summer with information regarding the team. During the season the manager and treasurer will coordinate collecting money to pay your coach, referees, and for tournament fees (tournament registration fee is split evenly among all families on the team). You are responsible to pay these fees in the time requested. If you do not, your child will not be allowed to practice or play in any game until the fee is paid. The manager and treasurer are not asked to 'float' fees for you; no one family can afford to pay several hundred dollars for an entire team and not be paid back. **Families must pay fees for both Fall and Spring regardless of whether the child stays on the team. 

**Please remember that your registration fee paid for both Fall and Spring, so you do not need to re-register or pay another registration fee. However; all coach, referee and tournament fees will be necessary to collect in both Fall and Spring.

Team Alignment (Bracket)

During mid-summer, your coach and the Director of Coaching determine what bracket the team should play in for the coming year. They work with the district office, MAYSA (Madison Area Youth Soccer Association) to place the team. Schedules are also created by MAYSA, and games are typically on Saturdays and Sundays. Half of your games will be on west side fields in Madison; the other half will be at fields in your opponent's town.


Games are typically played on Saturdays and Sundays; however, your team may have a weekday game if a game needs to be rescheduled and both teams cannot find a suitable weekend day. Excess rain may create poor field conditions, leading to game cancellations. When games are cancelled, the coach and manager are notified, and will in turn notify families. The manager and coach will work to reschedule cancelled games with the opponent.


Teams enter between 1-2 tournaments per season, meaning 1-2 during the Fall and 1-2 during the Spring. All families are required to pay for tournament entrance fees regardless of whether the child can attend the tournament. You are a part of the team, and need to pay the fees.

Winter Trainings (Practices)

As part of your registration fee, Winter Trainings are held once per week beginning at the end of January and run through the end of March. This is a chance to keep up skills over the winter and practice with just your team and coach. Attendance not mandatory, but certainly encouraged.

Parent Survey

One adult per family is sent a link to a survey shortly after the Fall season. This survey ask specific questions regarding your child's coach and Magic Soccer Club. All answers are anonymous, which means we are unable to know who answered unless you use your child's name. These surveys are shown to Magic Soccer Club Board members only and used to determine coaching proficiency. The Director of Coaching meets with each coach individually and reviews the results within the first few months of the new year, giving the coach ample time to make any changes necessary based on the review.


If you have concerns, you may approach your team manager or coach. If they are not addressed or resolved, please contact the Director of Coaching (contact information found under the main menu "Contact Us").


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