Recommended Kit/Gym Bag Items for Players

  • Shin guards
  • Cleats
  • Clean Mask
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • 2 Labeled Water Bottles
  • Personal, Labeled Soccer Ball


Preparing for Participation

  • Prepare and pack your water bottle for training.
    • Each player is recommended to bring at least two bottles of water to training.
    • You should not share water bottles and are not recommended to use public water fountains. 
    • Clearly mark your name on your water bottle. 
  • Get dressed at home in your training gear so that you can arrive at the training site ready to play.
  • Participants are recommended to pack and bring to training personal sanitizing supplies, including hand sanitizers. Sanitizing materials should be clearly marked and not shared. 
  • Follow PPE (face mask) procedures.
  • Wash your hands before departing for training. 
  • Conduct a daily temperature check for low grade fever (>100.4.) at home before training. If you have a fever, do not go to training. Consult your physician.
  • Travel with as few people as possible to training (ex: one parent and one child). 


Arrival/Drop Off

  • Arrive at your designated time.
  • Participants should wait in their cars until their specific time to enter the facility or field.
  • It is recommended that families remain in their vehicle and observe all social distancing guidelines.
  • Participants should report to their designated space.  Each participant will have a marked space for arrival, storing belongings and departure.
  • If parents plan to remain at practice, they  will be asked to remain in their child’s designated space to maintain distance from other families.
  • Participants should use hand sanitizer to sanitize hands upon arrival. 
  • Participants will check in with their coach and answer the CDC’s “Coronavirus Self-Checker” screening questions to affirm medical clearance to participate. 


Pick Up

  • Participants will follow PPE procedures and sanitize hands following practice.
  • Families should remain in their car, or follow social distancing.  If you plan to pick up your child from the field, please wait in your child’s designated space.  Participants will be released to their space to gather their belongings.
  • Players will be dismissed individually to limit crowding in shared spaces.


If you have questions specific to your child’s practice field, please contact your team’s coach.