Magic Soccer Club is committed to providing safe soccer programming for our athletes.  We are using the Return to Play guidelines created by US Soccer and the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association and complying with local Public Health regulations.  All coaches are required to complete additional Public Health training, clean routinely, and ensure that social distance is maintained when required at practice.  All players are required to sign our Health Information and Guidelines, which details practices to remain healthy while participating in soccer and how to report any illness. 

Public Health is currently allowing team competition with appropriate safety precautions.  Size limits remain in place for outdoor gatherings. 

For more information on local regulations, click here.


Magic Program Health Precautions

All players registered for Magic Programs will be required to return our updated Health Information and Guidelines and WYSA's Infectious Disease Waiver.  All participants must be masked and maintain 6 feet of distance when not participating in sport.  Please visit the links below for more information.  If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact our Club Administrator:

An overview of Magic Soccer's practice plans, logistics and safety measures from Phase 1 through Phase 4

Explains the logistics and expectations for Parents and Players when dropping off and picking up at practice

REQUIRED: Print, sign and return this form to your coach before participating in practice.