Getting Started

Please contact our Director of Operations at to get started!  Coaches and Managers should also complete a Volunteer Registration in Demosphere.  Thank you for your interest in volunteering with us!

Coaches and Managers will be invited to attend the Magic Kinde Coaches and Managers Meeting and the Y1 Certificate Course prior to season kick-off. The club's Administrator will send additional information to registered volunteers after teams are formed and staff are assigned. Coaches receive a ball bag, one ball per player on their team, small cones, and flags to start the season. Magic provides each Coach with a coaching jersey.

All coaches and managers must apply for a Coach Pass through our statewide organization, Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (WYSA). Please follow this link to apply. The cost is $15 and includes a background check.

Coaches should then use the code provided to sign up for the Y1 Course that fits your schedule. The course is FREE with the code. The Y1 course must be taken before the end of the season.

Program Information

Our Kinde program begins in late April and ends in June.  Practices will be held on the same day, time, and location for all Kinde teams. Games are held on Saturday mornings or early afternoons, or Sunday afternoons at one of two parks on the near West side of Madison.

Kinde Cost: $100 which includes 6 games, green/white jersey, black shorts and socks, and Size 3 ball. There are no Coach or Referee fees.  Magic is able to provide scholarships to families experiencing financial hardship.

During the spring season, your team will begin registering for U7 soccer for the fall, as well!  Registration begins in May and closes in mid-summer or when rosters are full.

Coaches will receive assistance in planning and executing practices from our Assistant Director of Coaching, Guillermo Real.

Our Kinde teams are ideally 10-12 players.  Competition is 3 per team (3v3), with two fields being played simultaneously in four 8 minute quarters.  Kinde players use a Size 3 ball and 4'x6' goal.  Coaches assist with refereeing as needed and there are not referees or goalkeepers.  During play, there are no off-sides calls and heading is prohibited.

Coaches: What is your role?

Your role is very important! You are the enthusiastic teacher, patient counselor, and everlasting cheerleader.

Come to practice ready to implement the practice plans created by our Youth Director and Director of Coaching. Tell your players a few things you are going to work on (dribbling, kicking from out-of-bounds, etc.). Give water breaks. Keep players active with their ball; standing in line won't give them experience.

Have an idea which players will begin on the field during games, and rotate who plays together.

Don't count the score! Give praise to each player for their contributions. Kids love to hear what they did well!!

Ask that your players come 15-20 minutes early prior to games starting so you can see who is in attendance.

Managers: What is your role?

You are the link between the coach and the parents! They will come to you with questions, so do not be afraid to ask your coach, Youth Director, or the Club Administrator if you do not know the answer.

All uniforms are ordered upon registration for Kinde players. As the Manager, you will be responsible for distributing uniforms.  Players who joined before April will have their uniforms packaged together as a team and delivered to the Kinde Coaches and Managers Meeting.  Late registrants will be responsible for picking up their uniforms from Stefan's Soccer store.

Please contact the families on your roster. Inform them of your practice day, time, and location.  Distribute game schedules and make sure families know where the fields are. Please check the website footer for maps to your fields.

Encourage players to arrive at games 15-20 prior to the start of the game. This helps the coach know who will be there.

On game day, please ask parents not to sit between fields. This area should be kept for players and parents helping to sub on the sidelines ONLY.

Contact Us

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Club Administrator

Magic Soccer Club

PO Box 46585, Madison WI 53744