What is the Difference Between Recreational and Select?

Comparing Recreational Teams and Select Teams

Magic Soccer Club's goal is to assist in developing each player's tactical and technical skills while allowing each player to participate at the most appropriate skill level.  We offer two levels of commitment for our U11 and older players:  Recreational teams and Tryout-based "Select" teams.  We also work in conjunction with our premier club partner, the Madison 56ers Soccer Club to offer players the opportunity to compete at the highest level possible: Regional and State Leagues.

Leagues and Teams:

Magic's recreational teams all compete in the MAYSA League.  We attempt to form teams based on friendships and geographic proximity, but often it is dependent on how many players registered at each age group and who is willing to volunteer to coach the team.

Magic's Select teams all compete in the MAYSA League, too. The  League is divided into Tiers - 1, 2, 3 & 4. Teams in Tier 1 compete in the State League; in Tier 2, these are teams who are highly competitive; Tier 3 are where Magic Select and some Magic Recreational teams are placed; Tier 4 is comprised of only recreational teams who are looking to play only other recreational teams.

MAYSA aligns teams within each Tier by dual-age groups. For example, teams in the U12 dual-age group are U12 and U11 players. To more evenly match teams, MAYSA requests that clubs designate their teams as all one birth year (older kids in the dual-age group), a mix of older and younger players in the dual-age group, or all younger players. Teams are then placed in groups with a similar make-up aged players.

The Madison 56ers SC initially places its teams in the Wisconsin Developmental Academy (WDA) league with the exception of its  Silver teams, which they intend to place in the MASYA League Tier 3.  After the first season, the 56ers silver team has the opportunity to be promoted up to a more competitive league such as a State league, based on their performance in the league.  The WDA is a state league with the majority of the teams located outside of Madison.

Evaluation / Tryouts:

If a player chooses to join a Magic recreational team, it is not necessary to attend tryouts.  Near the end of May and early June each year, Magic hosts tryouts for our Select teams in conjunction with our Alliance partners (Regent, Shorewood, Middleton United, and the Madison 56ers).  Our Select teams are formed based on skill and interest; therefore players interested in participating on a Select team are required to attend tryouts.

Tryouts allow us to utilize evaluations from independent evaluators as well as our current Select coaches to help form teams.  If the interest is large enough to form multiple teams in an age group, we will separate these teams based on skill and tryout evaluations.  Our Green team is our top team in each age group, followed by our White team.  Often, we also form Alliance based teams.  Alliance teams are formed when Magic does not have enough players in an age group to form a full team.  We therefore work jointly with our Alliance clubs to fill teams.  This may require a player to play on a Regent or Middleton United Select team.  Please understand that the commitment to a team is a commitment for an entire year, both fall and spring.

For an individual who participates in tryouts for a Madison 56er team, and does not receive an offer, we request that they choose the Magic SC as their backup club during registration.  This allows us to place a competitive player on the proper Select team.


MAYSA organizes the leagues for both recreational teams and Select teams.  Games are generally scheduled on Saturdays, but may also be on Sunday and/or evenings. The year includes 8 games in the fall and 8 games in the spring.Recreational teams typically practice twice a week.  Location and times are determined by the coach of each team.

Select teams train twice a week. Trainings begin approximately two weeks prior to the beginning of the season. Magic Select teams attend at least one tournament per season. These are usually local tournaments. Winter Traingins are held in the off-season from the end of January to the end of March and are included in registration for a Select team. It is a chance to practice one per week with your coach and team. Indoor winter opportunities such as futsal or indoor soccer, and summer camps are not required, but highly encouraged for our Select teams, and would cost additional fees.

Madison 56er SC typically trains twice a week.  (U11-U12 at West Towne fields and U13+ at Reddan Soccer Park).  They play an eight game season with four home games and four away games.  The Academy league is a State league managed by WYSA and would include teams from outside of the Madison area.  56er teams typically participate in 5-6 tournaments each year which are often located in the Milwaukee area and Northern Illinois.  During the winter, 56er teams train twice per week at their training facility in Oregon.  Also, teams typically participate in session III at one of the indoor soccer facilities.


Magic's recreational teams are coached by parent volunteers, or they may be paid coaches.Magic's Select coaches are hired as independent contractors by each team.  The club, with guidance from our director of coaching, attempts to assist in locating a coach who is qualified and committed to coaching a team through a full year and ideally two years.  We do encourage our coaches to switch teams after two years so that players experience a different style of coaching and personality.

The Madison 56ers teams are coached by very experienced staff coaches. The 56ers set high expectations for their players to develop their skills and compete amongst the top teams in the state.

Cost Estimate:

The cost for a full year of recreational soccer is roughly $150-$200 per player.  This includes registration fees, uniforms, referee fees, and tournament expenses.  This would not include individual athletic wear, travel expenses or any additional indoor soccer league or special camps, or payment to a paid coach.

The cost for a full year of Select soccer is roughly $500-$600 per player.  This includes registration fees, uniforms, coaching expenses, referee fees, and tournament fees.  This would not include individual athletic wear, travel expenses or any additional indoor soccer league or special camps.

The cost for a full year of Madison 56er soccer would be approximately $1,000-$1,200 per player.  This includes registration fees, uniforms, coaching expenses, referee fee, and tournament fees.  This would not include individual athletic wear, travel expenses or any additional indoor soccer league or special camps.

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