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Details, Details!

Magic Soccer Club offers High School players the opportunity to play the season opposite when it is offered in school. Girls play in fall and boys play in spring of each year. Players do not have to be on their school team to play with Magic. Tryouts are only necessary when there are too many players for the amount of roster space. The maximum roster number is 22 players per team, and only 18 may suit up per game. Players of all abilities are accepted. Depending on the number of players and from which grades they are from, this may be a mixed age group team (U15 and U16, etc.). The team must play in the age group according to the oldest player on the team. For example, if a U17 player registered and the rest of the team consisted of U16 and U15 players, the team would play in the U17 age group.

The season consists of 1-2 trainings per week at a park in the Madison Memorial district, and 8 games. Half are played on Madison fields (home), and the other half at away fields. Teams play in brackets against clubs from surrounding communities, so travel is expected. Not all teams play in tournaments; this is decided by the coach with input from the team manager and director of Classic coaching. All players are expected to pay tournament fees regardless of availability. 

Our High School teams are part of the MAYSA League. This means Magic teams (and teams from up to 35+ other clubs) are scheduled by MAYSA (Madison Area Youth Soccer Association), our district office, and referees are assigned through a referee assignor.


High School registration fee is $95. Payment is due at the time of registration. You will need to upload a photo of the player's face into the system during the online registration process which will be used for their Player Pass. MAYSA (Madison Area Youth Soccer Association), prints and team managers are given the passes that will be checked by referees at the start of each game. There is no extra cost for player passes. MAYSA, your team manager and the Club Administrator will work to get player cards ready for the season.

NEW PLAYERS: In order to get the pass printed, each player will need to show proof of date of birth to MAYSA. This is to make sure kids are playing at the appropriate age, and teams have not brought players that are not on the team (stacking a team for a certain game or tourney). There are two options: 1) A copy of your child's birth certificate/passport/government issued document showing the player's name and date of birth can be sent to MAYSA (the district office) at playerpass@maysa.org **You must include your child's name and the Club's name in the email or 2) bring it in person to Allison at the MAYSA Office (5964 Executive Drive, Suite 1, Madison) http://www.maysa.org/contacts.php. Best to call and make an appointment. All copies are destroyed after they are checked. If using option #2, please identify the Club, age and team name so MAYSA can easily check off the information. This must be done by the deadline given by the Administrator!

To register please follow this link: http://www.magicsoccer.org/home/join-us/registration/

Registrations in Spanish can be found http://www.maysa.org/documents/SpanishPlayerReg.pdf and sent to Magic Soccer Club, PO Box 46585, Madison WI, 53744.


Scholarships are available to students who receive reduced or free lunch, or upon request due to family financial hardship. A Basic scholarship covers registration fees only; a Partial scholarship covers registration fees, basic uniform package (one white and one green jersey, one pair of socks and shorts), and coach/ref fees; a Full scholarship covers registration fees, basic uniform package (one white and one green jersey, one pair of socks and shorts), coach/ref fees, and tournament fees. Parents should contact the Club Administrator directly for scholarship details/requests. Travel, hotel, and equipment (shoes and shinguards) costs are not included in scholarships.

Referee Fees

There are three referees per game, and each team pays half their fees. The total per game for each ref (center and two sides) is $46/$30/$30 for U15-16 teams and $55/$34/$34 for U17-U19 teams. The team manager will collect the money from the players (divided equally) to pay for the referee fees for 8 games.

Coach fees

Depending on the coaching license level of the coach, players may pay between $80-120. The team manager splits the fee evenly among all players and collects payment.

Tournament fees

The number of tournaments entered is up to the coach.  Fee is divided equally, regardless of availability, among the players and collected by the team manager. The coach may decide not to enter any tournaments; this will be communicated at the beginning of the season by the coach and manager.


The same jersey must be worn by the whole team, with different jersey numbers. The current white and green jerseys are a Dry-Fit A4. Ordering a uniform is NOT done at the time of registration. Cost is approximately $50.

Once teams are confirmed:

You will be sent an email with contact information for your coach and team manager, and how to order a uniform online through Stefan's Soccer store.

All fees must be paid by the deadline given or the player will be temporarily taken off the roster until fees are paid!

Contact Us

Lauren Trentadue, Club Administrator

Magic Soccer Club

PO Box 46585, Madison WI 53744

(608) 288-9390