Coach Expectations:

  • Coaches are expected to arrive early and prepared for each training session and game. If you will not be in attendance for a game, you are required to find a substitute. Do not allow your team to show up without a coach!!
  • Players should receive similar playing time, unless attendance, illness, or conduct dictates differently.
  • Reminder: Goalies should play ½ the game on the field to gain necessary field skills.
  • Please report any conduct issues (player or parent, team or opposing team) to Director of Coaching.
  • You must respond to parent communication promptly.
  • Alignments: The coach and DOC determine the Tier your team should be placed in during regular season play. The Admin submits those requests in July and January to MAYSA. In turn, MAYSA sends to the DOC, Admin and President, a draft alignment first, then a draft schedule. Promptly work with your team manager to reschedule any regular season games you have a scheduling conflict with during the reconciliation period set by MAYSA.
  • Only 18 players may suit up for each game for 13+U; only 16 players for 11U-12U.
  • Team must present a roster for each regular season game.
  • Players who do not pay fees on time will have their practice and game play privileges withheld until fees are paid. Admin will communicate who is late with payments. Please uphold these guidelines!
  • Never leave a player alone after practice or a game! The coach is the last to leave the field knowing all players have left the field. If you must leave immediately following practice or a game, please ask a parent PRIOR to the practice or game if he/she would be willing to leave last.

Manager Expectations:

  • You are the link between the coach and the parents! They will come to you with questions, so do not be afraid to ask your coach, or the Club Administrator if you do not know the answer.
  •  All uniforms are ordered upon registration. If a player is in need of a uniform piece after the initial registration period (during the season), please direct them to contact the Club Administrator.
  •  After receiving the Contact List from the Club Administrator, upload or enter their contact information into TeamSnap, and send a message to the families introducing the team staff. Inform them of your practice day, time, and location after consulting with the coach/es. Enter game schedules onto TeamSnap and make sure families know where the fields are. Please see any of the Magic Soccer Club webpages (bottom right corner) for maps to your Magic Home fields.
  •  Collect referee (coach fees if paid coach) and any tournament fees. Pay only Home game referees.
  •  Encourage players to arrive at games 15-20 prior to the start of the game. This helps the coach/es know who will be there.
  •  Facilitate Home game reschedules as needed and update on TeamSnap.
  •  Organize any snack schedules or team parties/get togethers if desired by the team.

     When in doubt, contact the Club Administrator!