11U-14U MAYSA League

Madison Area Youth Soccer Association (MAYSA) is our district office. Magic and almost 40 other area clubs belong to MAYSA, ranging from as north as Wisconsin Dells, as south as Monroe, as east as Watertown, and as far west as Platteville. MAYSA assists in interpreting and disseminating information from the US Soccer Association for us. Schedules for the MAYSA League are generated by the MAYSA district office. Travel to Away Games is part of this league and is not reimbursable, nor part of the registration cost or covered under a scholarship. See MAYSA’s website for details at https://www.maysa.org/clubs

Magic SC players 9U-14U & 15U 8th graders have the option to play Recreational soccer in the MAYSA League-Recreational Division! These teams are grouped together with teams from other clubs in MAYSA to form the MAYSA League. Magic teams are placed in brackets and play teams from surrounding communities similar to their level of competition. MAYSA created a new format of bracketing in the Fall of 2016. Recreational teams may play Select teams from other communities, depending on where teams are placed.

Quick Facts

  • All players 9U-14U (including 8th graders) have the opportunity to play in Magic's Recreational Division.
  • Teams in the 9U-14U Recreational Division play in the MAYSA League.
  • Travel to Away games is involved, and not reimbursable nor part of the scholarship program.
  • Once players become a 13U player, a size 5 ball is used. If you need financial assistance with purchasing a ball, please contact Magic Admin: MagicSoccerAdm@gmail.com

Practice, Game, and Cost Info

Teams typically practice 2 times per week, with most games occurring on Saturday mornings/afternoons, and Sunday mornings/afternoons. MAYSA is responsible for scheduling all games for teams registered in the MAYSA program. Rescheduled games may occur on a weekday in order to fit the game into the season. Tournaments are optional for these teams. Practices begin in mid-August with games beginning after Labor Day. In spring, practices begin in late March or early April, with games beginning in mid-April and running through June. No games are scheduled on Memorial Day Weekend.

Registration and other costs: $225; all-girls or co-ed team options. Registration includes 8 games in Fall and 8 games in Spring. Uniforms are the same as those worn by our In-House (7U&8U) players and can be worn from year-to-year. Uniforms for new players, which run approximately $50, are an additional cost and should be ordered a the time of registration. Additional costs include referee fees, and coach fees. Coaches may be volunteer or paid (if no parent volunteers). Families split the cost of these fees. Scholarships are available! Please see our Scholarships page for more details.   

How are alignments created?

Please visit MAYSA's website for details! Click on the "League Formation Rules" tab part way down the page.

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