Game Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy and Procedure

Magic SC Field Coordinators: Tim Meinholz,

Magic SC Administrator: Kristin Ruprecht,, 608.288.9390


  1. Fields are unplayable on game day morning: Field Coordinators make the decision to cancel play for player safety and/or the health of the fields before 7AM on game day. Field Coordinators contact each team coach/manager by email.
  2. Fields were playable in the morning but, conditions worsen and field becomes unplayable: If the Field Coordinators have made the decision that the fields are playable but, the field conditions continue to worsen, the coaches/manager could make the decision to cancel the game for player safety and/or the health of the field.
  3. More than two hours prior to the game start time: The home coach/manager contacts away team coach/manager.
  4. Within two hours of the game start time: The decision to play will be made at the field.
  5. After the game start time or, the game has already started: The decision to stop, suspend or terminate a game lies exclusively with the coaches.


Thunder/Lightning Reminder: At the field, the decision to stop, suspend or terminate a game lies exclusively with the coaches regarding any severe weather conditions. Once coaches suspend the game because of thunder/lightning, all participants are to move away from the fields and into a storm shelter or vehicle. You are reminded to keep participants away from the field and not to restart the game until at least 30 minutes following the last detectable thunder or lightning.


Game Rescheduling Procedure:

  1. Both teams’ coach/manager work to coordinate potential new game details
  2. Home coach/manager confirms field availability for proposed new game date/time/location with Club Administrator ONLY.
  3. Home coach/manager emails:
    1. The original game information (teams, date, time, location)
    2. The new game information (teams, date, time and site)
    3. This email must include the away coach/manager and be copied to the Field Coordinator and Club Administrator.

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