Tryout Information

Before Tryouts

  • Online registration for Tryouts is $35 and can be made up to 2 days prior to your child's FIRST day of Tryouts. If you miss this deadline, you will need to register in-person and will cost $70.
  • New players to Magic Select teams: Your child's birth certificate or passport photo must be submitted at the time of Tryout Registration OR you must bring a copy of your child’s birth certificate or passport to Tryouts, the Madison Area Youth Soccer Association Office, or email to the Magic Club Administrator ( Once verified by MAYSA, all copies are promptly destroyed. No player will be added to a Select roster without their date of birth being verified by the district office.
  • Player evaluations at Tryouts are completed by: Magic’s Director of Coaching; the coach for your child’s age group; 1-2 other Magic coaches; and between 5-7 Alliance (third party) coaches. If your child is not selected for a Select team, one of the following may occur: Magic SC may form recreational teams to provide a spot for every player who wishes to play; if we do not have enough players to form a team, we will collaborate with our Alliance clubs (Middleton United and Regent) to form a team. This could mean your child plays on an MU or Regent team.
  • Those needing a scholarship should refer to the Scholarship page and notify the Magic SC Administrator immediately after an offer is made to your child which level of scholarship is needed.
  • This is a full-year commitment. If your child or family is not willing to commit both Fall and Spring to a Select team, then please reconsider your options. If you accept an offer to play on a Select team, you are responsible for all payments for Fall and Spring which includes Coach, referee and tourney fees.

    This does NOT include: indoor/futsal fees or coach fees during the off-season.

  • If your child is offered a spot on a Select team, registration for that team is $185 and is due within three days of accepting the offer. Payment includes 8 games in Fall and 8 games Spring, and Winter Training 1x per week which begins in late January and runs through March or early April.
  • Encourage your child to do his/her best and do not worry about mistakes! Coaches look at how a player recovers from their mistake (Effort! Attitude!).

During Tryouts

  • Magic Soccer Club Tryouts are completed in cooperation with the other Alliance Clubs--Middleton United, Regent, and Madison 56ers. When you arrive at Reddan Soccer Complex, please check in at the Magic registration area located in the Pavillion, which faces the stadium turf field. There will be 4 soccer clubs worth of players trying out, so please plan accordingly when parking. The parking lot will be very busy!
  • If you have not done so already, new players must bring a copy of their 1) birth certificate or passport to Tryouts or 2) show the original or copy to Vicki Abshere at the MAYSA district office. Your child will NOT be added to the roster until the birth certificate is verified by MAYSA.
  • Payments for Tryouts made by check MUST be paid on the 1st day of Tryouts.
  • The players for Magic, Middleton United, and Regent Soccer Clubs will all leave for the fields together. Each club will split onto their own field in the beginning, and may combine with another club to increase the competition level. Kids may be moved from one field/group so evaluators may view a different combination of players.
  • Please stay for the Parent Meeting held on the Reddan Pavillion patio as soon as players take the field for Tryouts. A Club representative will be communicating important information and to answer questions.

After Tryouts

  • Once an offer is made to your child for a Select team, you have 24 hours to make a decision. If you will be gone during Offers, please designate a representative who can accept/decline on your behalf and arrange for payment to be made to the Club.
  • Players who are not offered a spot on a Select team are welcome to register for the MAYSA League Recreational Division.
  • Registration for the Select team ($185) must occur by Wednesday of the week immediately following your acceptance of the roster spot. Your child’s updated photo must be uploaded into League One registration system at this time. No player will be placed onto a roster until their registration fee is paid, birth certificate is verified, and photo is uploaded!
  • If you have requested a scholarship, please check the box marked “Pay by Check” during the registration process and do not send payment. The Club’s Administrator will take care of your payments. The team manager and/or treasurer will be notified privately if your child is receiving a scholarship so you are not requested to pay any fees.
  • Once your child is on the roster, the Administrator will upload the entire roster into Stefan’s Soccer store’s uniform system. You will receive an email from Stefan’s with instructions how to order a uniform. All uniform numbers are assigned by the Administrator and are non-negotiable—do not ask Stefan’s to change your child’s number! If you received a scholarship that includes the basic uniform pieces (one green jersey, one white jersey, one pair of black shorts, and one pair of black socks), you will not need to pay.

Additional information:

  • A team meeting for all Select teams (coaches, parents and players) will be held shortly after rosters are created. During these meetings you will meet your coach, submit payment for coach/referee fees to the team's manager or treasurer, and decide which tournaments to enter. Bring your calendar!
  • Each team needs a volunteer Team Manager and Team Treasurer. Please consider volunteering for one of these roles. The manager assists the coach in communicating information regarding games and practices. He or she may also assist the treasurer in collecting fees including tournament fees. The treasurer prepares payment for the coach, referees, and tournament fees.
  • Coach and ref fees for the Fall season may be due at the Team Meeting. The Administrator will communicate with you how much is owed and to whom payment will be given. Coach and ref fees for the Spring season will be due halfway through the Fall season. Your manager/treasurer will communicate what is owed. This will assist your team’s manager and treasurer to collect fees earlier and not “float” payments owed to the coach/ref/tournament fees. No family should carry this burden.

**Please pay all fees on time. Failure to do so will result in your child’s Player Pass being withheld, which means no playing until they are paid.

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